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Before COLT Studio existed, men were badly shaved, with poor haircuts, wore bad clothing, and had questionable personal hygiene. After COLT Studio established its aesthetic, guys, at least gay ones, aspired to be much more. Guys were now able to be beautiful in a way that our culture had only allowed women to be. Guys were now becoming super human by approaching physical perfection. The COLT Men are the men society worships and aspires to be.

The first COLT Men were photographed in forests, by seashores, and were naturally hairy men. They posed in front of mirrors and used lighting to capture the true essence in each photograph. Only a few of the men smiled or looked at you. Most of the time, it was inadvertent, as though pried out of a private moment. COLT Men were breezy sun-gold blondes with huge pectorals and gigantic thighs. They were tall, clean cut boys, dancer-athletes, with muscular butts. Some, like COLT Man Steve Kelso, exuded a distinctly blue-collar, working-guy erotic charge. Others were leather-clad hairy men who were dangerous, “fast,” and you had no idea what you were getting into.

A few early COLT Men were amazingly worked-out, but others were just a few steps beyond the ordinary, perhaps from sports or just good genes. And so Big Max, Al Parker, and Bruno seemed possible, even accessible, as sex partners or lovers. Would you be surprised to know that Big Max (we called him “Bluto”) had a master's degree in Victorian Lit? Or that the Cuban-born Bruno is a real sweetheart, or that Al was as hot as he looked on film and just as good in the sack as you'd imagined? The same goes for our more contemporary list of COLT Men such as, COLT Men Carlo Masi and Adam Champ who were real-life boyfriends that met on the set of Waterbucks II. COLT Men Luke Garrett and Gage Weston were also boyfriends and both have high-powered jobs in corporate America. The list of amazing muscular studs, leather hairy men, and clean cut boys goes on and on.