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Sprawled out under a pick-up truck, Spencer Reed is busy with his mechanic's tools in hand. Dirk Caber watches from above, patting hisbulging jeans as he watches Spencer on his back under the truck. Spencerlooks up from under the truck and asks, 'You think that works'? Dirklooks at Spencerıs hairy chest, gives his hard tool a squeeze and says,'It works for me'.

Spencer rises up toward Dirks bulge and laps his tongue on that thickjuicy cock. Slowly stripping each other out of their clothes, these guysenjoy sucking and slurping on their hard cocks in the hot, blazing sun.

Dirk bends over the grill of the pick-up and offers his hairy, beefy ass- He offers it up for Spencer to do as he will. Spencer buries his facein that hot muscle butt as he strokes his meaty cock. Rock hard andready to fuck, Spencer drills his meaty dick deep into Dirks hungrymanhole, giving him a hard and deep pounding. Riding wild, Dirk getson top and takes Spencerıs throbbing cock to the hilt. Ramming his holeon Spencerıs thick meat, Dirk unleashes a gusher, draining his balls ofsweet, hot cum. Spencer rises to his feet as Dirk drops to his knees totake Spencerıs thick, drenching load.

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  • Length : 22:07 min |
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The first movie under John Rutherford's direction at COLT studio, after purchasing the studio in 2003, was RELOAD. Making a hardcore COLT Movie of this quality certainly required some dexterity. The production had its challenges due to the underwater sex sequence involving Marcus Iron and Rob Romoni. Rutherford wanted to push the boundaries with the ways viewers got to look at COLT Men by staging innovative shots of underwater penetration. Award-winning videographer, Todd Montgomery, used an underwater camera to capture the scenes up close far before anyone else in the industry was doing it at the time. The scenes were seen up close and the performers were very excited to try something new. The COLT Movie RELOAD and its underwater scene will be one to remember.

The mood on the COLT Movie set was overall very positive, as each of the guys knew they were making history and helping to take COLT Studio in a great new direction for the new owners. Of course, having the opportunity to participate in so much man-on-man action, with a group of muscular men, was also an incentive to do great work on the set.