COLT Studio Group is not only renowned for producing high quality series of Male DVD content, but also for its cult like Male Gear collection, COLT Apparel, and a varied print portfolio that includes the COLT Men Calendar series.

The Male DVD video content offers movies from COLT Studio, Buckshot, Olympus, Minute Man Solo Series, and even other studios such as Wrestland and BoundJocks. The Male Gear Genuine Cast Cocks are molded directly from our menís penises and with our COLT Icon toys you get a (take home) taste and feel of some of our iconic COLT Men such as Pete Kuzak and Jake Tanner. The cult like collection of COLT Apparel is worn by men all around the world as an emblem and recognition of the legendary bodies and the gay masculine culture.
Get a COLT belt buckle and wear it to feel like you are part of a private club. Only some will know... The COLT Publishing line and portfolio began in the late 60ís and continues to this day to deliver a legendary reference of content in its COLT Men Calendar series and pinup books.

As a benefit, members are entitled to a 25% OFF rebate on any item in the store. Items available include: the male DVD collection, the COLT Men Calendar series, original COLT Male Gear (thatís featured in the COLT Features), or the COLT Apparel buckle that you crave for.