Splish Splash Scene 4

Photo of Splish Splash Scene 4
Photo of Splish Splash Scene 4

Taking a long hike the woods on a hot summer day can really build up a sweat. Jonathan and David have definitely worked up a good sweat on this summer afternoon. Emerging from the woods they find themselves poolside in a strangers back yard. It appears no one is home and the water is too inviting to resist. Being young and adventurous guys, they help them selves to a cool refreshing dip.

As these guys help each other out of their clothes and dive into the water they soon find they can’t resist the sight of each other. Being alone and without a care in the world they draw close in the middle of the pool. Half naked and making out in a stranger’s pool gets both of these guys very excited. The risk of getting caught makes them all the more horny for each other.

Categories: Anal, Boys, Oral, Outdoors, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 21 min
Photo of David Dakota
David Dakota
Photo of Jonathan Lowe
Jonathan Lowe

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