Couples III Scene 2

Photo of Couples III Scene 2
Photo of Couples III Scene 2

A good massage does a body wonders. A simple touch can trigger reactions in the body that are both physical and spiritual. When Adam Champ takes Darin Hawk on his massage table you will see first hand what a pair of magic hands can do to a man’s body and what power there is in a simple touch. Darin smiles as he rounds the corner to find his masseuse to be one muscle-bound and hirsute ‘man’s-man’ in Adam Champ. Removing his towel he climbs onto the table face down and ready for his massage. Adam takes it all in with a lustful eye before placing the towel across Darin’s mid-section, barely concealing his furry and inviting ass. Adams eyes seem to covet every inch of Darin’s body, with a lust that seems to penetrate the skin, yet with his hands he is slow and steady as he gently begins to touch and stroke the full length of Darin’s stretched out body. Using massage oil and a measured touch Adam goes to work giving Darin a tension releasing and sensual experience that eases him in a state of complete relaxation. Adams eyes and hands are ever drawn to where the carefully placed towel lies across Darin’s perfectly shaped mound of muscle-ass. Adam’s hands frequently skirt the edges of the towel and more than once they slide briefly under the covering to reveal arousing glimpses of what lies beneath. Though face down, Darin seems to notice that his ass is becoming the object of Adam’s focused attention. A massage like this, It’s all in the touch.

Categories: Hairy, Jerking Off, Men, Muscle
Details: Jul 1, 2014 28 min
Photo of Adam Champ
Adam Champ
Photo of Darin Hawk
Darin Hawk

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