Couples III Scene 4

Photo of Couples III Scene 4
Photo of Couples III Scene 4

COLT Man Tom Chase is lounging half naked with book in hand enjoying a quiet night at home. His legendary, thick piece of man meat hangs heavy between his big tree trunks for legs, looking every bit the COLT Man wearing just a tight fitting T-Shirt. Brad Patton on the other hand has plans and they don’t include reading. Coming straight from the shower and wearing only a skimpy towel draped across his waist Brad enters the room and moves in on Tom like a hungry predator. Tom looks up just as Brad’s towel hits the floor and that book hits the couch faster than you can blink and eye. Tom’s cock comes to life in an instant at the site of a naked Brad moving in to pounce. He gives his meaty tool a couple strokes as Brad descends on him, mouth open closing in for the kill. Brad lays his full body into Tom who catches and gropes as he is engulfed, and a hot all night romp is on!

Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Hairy, Men, Muscle, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 25 min
Photo of Brad Patton
Brad Patton
Photo of Tom Chase
Tom Chase

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