Massive Scene 1

Photo of Massive Scene 1
Photo of Massive Scene 1

A day at the office turns into a big surprise for Darin Hawk as a huge and hunky package handler, Ricky Parks, comes to the door to deliver an extra special package, and what a package he has! Darin greets Ricky at the door to his office and the sexual energy between them immediately charges the air. Darin signs for the delivery while both men boldly eye each other from head to toe. COLT Men are never shy about what they desire and these men recognize that look of lust in each other’s eyes. With the package signed for, there is nothing left to do but to act on their sexual craving for each other.

Ricky puts down his clipboard and makes a move. Darin responds as they draw close to each other for slow and passionate man-on-man, mouth-on-mouth kissing and grinding. Both men take turns pleasuring each other, worshipping each other’s bodies, feeling and exploring each other’s well built chests, thick muscled arms and big juicy cocks. Each man gets a mouthful of thick, hard dick and an eyeful of MASSIVE muscle as they slowly lick and suck each other’s huge, pulsing cocks.

Before long, Darin is ready for the real delivery. Lowering his suit-pants he turns toward his desk and offers his inviting muscle ass to the eager package handler and Ricky definitely delivers. After licking and working Darin’s Manhole, he slowly slides his meat deep into Darrin’s hot, beefy ass. Ricky delivers the goods again and again as they passionately fuck the afternoon away. Darin can only roll his eyes into the back of his head as he enjoys a deep and satisfying fuck.

Soon the butt pounding reaches an urgent rhythm and the sounds of man sex fill the office. Ricky reaches the tipping point and he lets it fly. His body tightens and his cock explodes, drenching Darin in a thick jet stream of cum. The feeling of hot jizz shooting across his body sets Darin on fire. He pumps his cock harder and harder, pounding the full length of his thick bone until he gushes thick gobs of cum.

Categories: Anal, Hairy, Men, Muscle, Oral
Details: Jul 1, 2014 28 min
Photo of Darin Hawk
Darin Hawk
Photo of Ricky Parks
Ricky Parks

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