Massive Scene 4

Photo of Massive Scene 4
Photo of Massive Scene 4

The action is well underway when we join these two handsome and hunky men in the bedroom, naked, hard and enjoying hot man-on-man action. Standing naked on the bed, Ricky is getting the full service treatment from Skye Woods. At the foot of the four post bed, Skye feeds sensuously on Ricky’s rock hard cock. Skye’s stiff protruding cock throbs and gyrates without even being touched. The sight of Ricky standing above him with his cock in his mouth is more than enough to get his cock bouncing and pulsing. Ricky delivers the cock to Skye in true oral top fashion, dick diving deep into Skye’s willing mouth. Skye can’t get enough of that cock, he wants it as deep down his throat as it can go so Skye lays on his back on the bed as Ricky mounts his face for an all out face fuck. Skye uses his MASSIVE muscles to lift Ricky’s entire lower body, benching pressing him like a barbell. With each repetition Skye swallows Rickey’s cock to the root. Ricky can only hold his upper body in a push-up position as his lower body and his cock are manhandled and devoured.

Skye is getting plenty of cock tonight, but Ricky makes sure to give his ass a good fucking too. He positions himself between Skye’s open legs and goes to town pounding that hole. He drives his meat deep inside Skye, splitting his ass like a chisel splitting stone. But that is just the beginning. Rickey pulls out his favorite Butt Toy, the COLT Gear Rammer, and he goes to town drilling it deep into Skye’s solid ass. He drives that Rammer deep, giving a little extra push when he reaches the hilt.

Skye is worked up and is pounding his meat hard. The nonstop drilling in his ass has him ready to gush. The climax hits with a big crescendo and cum begins to fly in all directions as Skye frantically pounds his squirting dick while Ricky continues to deliver the Rammer like a jackhammer.

With Skye’s ass nice and satisfied, Ricky kicks back to give his own Rammer some relief. Positioned between Skye’s legs Ricky jacks his bone like a meat fisted butcher, pulverizing and tenderizing his fuck pole until all the juices really flow. He jacks harder and harder as cum churns and shoots. Hot jets spew and land in splatters. His wet dick drips as he falls back into Skye¹s arms, both men enjoying the after glow of hot man sex.

Categories: Anal, Hairy, Men, Muscle, Oral, Rimming, Toys
Details: Jul 1, 2014 15 min
Photo of Ricky Parks
Ricky Parks
Photo of Skye Woods
Skye Woods

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