Massive Scene 5

Photo of Massive Scene 5
Photo of Massive Scene 5

Are you ready for some BIG hairy muscle sex? Mitch and Adam are two hairy-chested men with that signature COLT Man look and together they make for some great fur-on-fur action.

Hot and heavy kissing is accompanied by some heavy petting as these guys take great pleasure in appreciating each others hard and hairy bodies. As they sensuously undress each other the passion between them builds. As each man removes his shirt, a hairy expanse of muscled chest is revealed. Eager hands and open mouths explore as bulges expand and hard cocks grind. Mitch works Adam’s monster dick to a raging steel hard-on. Mitch lowers himself before Adam to fully appreciate Adam’s solid cock and rock hard body. Jacking, licking and sucking, Mitch gives Adams cock the focused attention it deserves. Mitch’s hands keep busy moving over Adam’s tight muscle butt, furry legs and chiseled chest. Mitch licks his way up to Adam’s open mouth for a deep tongued lip-lock.

Adam then begins a slow descent down Mitch’s hairy body. He lingers on his way down to fully appreciate and bury his face in Mitch’s, heavily furred chest. Further down Adam greedily devours Mitch’s cock. He swallows the shaft and licks Mitch’s balls with urgent need, lodging that thick meat deep down his throat.

Mitch moves to a nearby ottoman and positions himself to offer Adam his thick muscle ass. Adam dives in, face first. In long slow tongue strokes, Adam lick Mitch stem to stern, covering every inch of trail from Mitch’s heavy hanging balls all the way to his twitching and eager man-hole. Ready for action, Adam rises and penetrates Mitch deep and hard. The fucking hits drilling rhythm right out of the gate. Adam climbs up onto the ottoman for a better angle as pile drives his cock deep and hard. Mitch takes the dick driving to the edge. He mounts on top of Adam to ride his fuck pole to the Climax. As Mitch impales his ass on Adam’s power tool he pumps his cock in his fist, faster and faster. Mitch rides high as he busts his nut in a gushing plume of cum, all the while grinding his ass on Adam’s raging hard cock.

With Mitch’s cum still steaming on his chest, Adam stands and cranks his own fiery load which is more than ready to explode. Standing over Mitch he pounds out a geyser of hot fluidas thick, ropey streams of cum land in dark fur. The cock pumping continues until he is fully spent and completely satisfied. Mitch reaches up as Adam leans in for a close, after fuck kiss.

Categories: Anal, Hairy, Men, Muscle, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 29 min
Photo of Adam Champ
Adam Champ
Photo of Mitch Branson
Mitch Branson

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