Hot Bods Scene 4

Photo of Hot Bods Scene 4
Photo of Hot Bods Scene 4

A beautiful summer morning and Nate Karlton is enjoying the new day on the back patio. He is soon joined by a shirtless Mitch Branson, and when two HOT BODS like these get this close…well there’s nothing to stop the immediate passion that ignites between them. Slow and sensuous kissing and close body contact gets these guys steaming hot for each other. Stroking, licking and sucking, Nate and Mitch explore every inch of each other’s body, from top to bottom, spending extra time and to worship and adore each other raging hard and swollen cocks.

Together they take the passion to a higher level as Mitch turns, bends over and takes the full length of Nate’s searing hot cock. Enjoying their private and eaceful surroundings, they settle in for a long and passionate fuck. Mitch rides Nate’s big dick as the intensity mounts and juicy loads of cum explode.

Categories: Anal, Ass Play, Hairy, Men, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors
Details: Jul 1, 2014 25 min
Photo of Mitch Branson
Mitch Branson
Photo of Nate Karlton
Nate Karlton

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