Man Tricks Scene 2

Photo of Man Tricks Scene 2
Photo of Man Tricks Scene 2

In the bedroom, Latino muscle hunk Kristian Alvarez and COLT Man Mitch Branson let the outside world slip away as they hone in on each other with passionate kissing and intimate touching. On the bed they settle in for a nice long session of man-on-man sex. Mitch slowly lowers Kristian’s bulging briefs and unwraps a hefty package of man meat. Slowly sucking and stroking, Mitch loses himself in the pleasure of worshipping that thick uncut cock. With a gentle forcefulness Kristian feeds Mitch his throbbing cock.

Mitch submits and gives that cock the deep throated service it needs. Kristian is getting ready to take that ass. Getting on top of Mitch he glides and grinds his fuck pole against that hot hole. Feeling that think hard cock against his ass makes Mitch crazy. After much teasing, Kristian delivers. Spitting on his hard cock he drives it home, penetrating that ass deeply. Mitch opens up and takes it to the hilt. It’s a hot and sensual fuck session right from the start. Mitch spreads his ass to take it as Kristian drills and drives his long cock deep and ard. Fucking the day away, these guys explore every ass splitting position. Locked in and making intense eye contact, Mitch jacks his juicy cock as Kristian pounds his ass. Kristian fucks that ass to the point of no return. Pulling out he shoots his load, a thick heavy jet of cum shoots all over Mitch’s sweat soaked back. His think meat pulsates as he ejects hot cum in buckets. Even with every last drop drained from his cock, he dives back in and continues fucking Mitch’s hot ass. Mitch gets up on that cock and rides himself home. Feeling that cock deep inside him Mitch hammers out a heavy duty load, drenching himself and Kristian in the rewards of a searing hot fuck.

Categories: Anal, Ass Play, Hairy, Men, Muscle, Oral, Underwear/Bathing Suit
Details: Jul 1, 2014 30 min
Photo of Kristian Alvarez
Kristian Alvarez
Photo of Mitch Branson
Mitch Branson

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