Man Tricks Scene 5

Photo of Man Tricks Scene 5
Photo of Man Tricks Scene 5

Hot and heavy breathing fills the air as COLT Men Nate Karlton and Brenden Cage go at each other with a hungry need for sex. With hot kissing, heavy groping and eager opened mouths - things are off to a ery good start. Giving it up and getting downright dirty, taking turns, 69ing and feeding it to each other; each man gives and takes his fill of cock.

Man against man, grinding and humping, the carnal heat continues to build. Nate assumes the position as he drives his cock deep into Brenden’s tight ass. Brenden submits and takes that cock to the hilt. Leaning in for a hot lip-lock Nate drives it home, burying his cock deep in Brenden’s ass, splitting that hole open wide. Turning him around Nate mounts Brenden from behind, going in deep and fucking with no limits. Nate’s big cock hits the right spot as Brenden feels a big load brewing inside of him. Ready to bust his nut, Nate kicks back on the couch as Brenden lends a helping hand. Zeroing in Brenden probes Nate’s hot man-hole as Nate milks out a heavy duty load. Brenden gets what he’s been after as Nate’s thick load spills in buckets. Seeing all the hot man juice splattered on muscle is just want Brenden was waiting for. Kicking back Brenden ads his ample load to the mix, pounding it out until every last drop of cum is spent.

Categories: Anal, Hairy, Jerking Off, Men, Muscle, Oral
Details: Jul 1, 2014 22 min
Photo of Brenden Cage
Brenden Cage
Photo of Nate Karlton
Nate Karlton

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