Muscles in Leather Scene 2

Photo of Muscles in Leather Scene 2
Photo of Muscles in Leather Scene 2

In a dimly lit play-room John Magnum enjoys the dark atmosphere as he strokes his hard cock. Decked in his leather chaps, a Y-Harness and with his thick cock in hand he is ready for some serious action. John attracts some hot company as muscled leather-man Casey William enters the room. Casey moves in and helps himself to a hearty mouthful of that ample meat swinging between John’s legs. Naked and rock-hard, Casey strokes his dick as he enjoys slurping on John’s big cock.

Wanting more, John turns and gets down on all fours. Casey unfastens the ass-strap of John’s harness, revealing a hot man hole ready for some attention. Licking and probing, Casey makes that hot hole twitch and beg for more. As Casey gets that tight butt all lubed up, his cock throbs, aching to split that ass apart. He slaps that hole with his cock before he slides it in. John takes every inch of that hot cock deep in his ass. From behind he takes it long and hard as Casey elivers a pounding. Wanting it deeper, John climbs up on top and rides that cock home. Jacking his oozing cock John shoots an explosive load, draining every last drop on Casey’s chest and face. Getting down on his knees John gets ready for his turn to take a load up close. Casey hammers his cock until cum starts to fly. Wave after wave of cum gushes as John takes Casey’s thick and massive load on the chest.

Categories: Anal, Jerking Off, Leather, Men, Muscle, Oral
Details: Jul 1, 2014 20 min
Photo of Casey Williams
Casey Williams
Photo of John Magnum
John Magnum

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