Bear Scene 1

Photo of Bear Scene 1
Photo of Bear Scene 1

Ever wonder what Bears really do in the woods? Chopping wood in the hot summer sun, our newest COLT Man Bob Hager needs little more than a jock strap and his hefty ax to get the job done. Furry Muscle-Bear and COLT Man Aaron Cage watches, stroking his bulge and enjoying the sights and sounds of a hot sweaty man at work. Bob takes a break from his work and invites Aaron over to work on a different kind of wood. Aaron gets down on his knees and devours Bob’s Bear-Meat. Furry beards, hairy torsos and big hard cocks come together as these burly men eat each other up.

Aaron turns and offers Bob a manly helping of his hot hairy ass. Bob dives right in and a taste of that ass makes him hungry for more. Poking and probing that hot hole, Bob takes the plunge. Grunts and groans fill the air as Aaron takes a long hard pounding. In the blazing hot sun they fuck like hungry animals. Bob is oozing cum until the moment he explodes all over Aarons thick muscled back. With the cum still dripping down his back, Aaron works his meat with his thick paw, spraying a thick ball draining load.

Categories: Anal, Hairy, Jockstraps, Men, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 22 min
Photo of Aaron Cage
Aaron Cage
Photo of Bob Hager
Bob Hager

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