Paradise Found Scene 2

Photo of Paradise Found Scene 2
Photo of Paradise Found Scene 2

Having traveled a long distance doesn’t seem to have slowed Antton one bit. He is quick and to immerse himself in the pleasures of the resort, and more specifically, the pleasures of the resort staff. Being a master-chef, Antton wanders into familiar territory and he likes what he finds in the kitchen. Cooking up a storm is the resort’s very sexy chef Kane O’Farrell, and in his kitchen, shirts are not required. When our chef realizes he has an admirer he welcomes Antton and reveals that he is cooking a Crème Brule, one that he claims will be the best he has ever tasted. Antton is thrilled to have a chef as hot and hunky as chef Kane preparing food for him. Just then chef Kane offers to whip up a platter of all his special treats, an offer which leaves Annton all smiles. As if on cue, COLT Man waiter (Eric Valentin) appears to guide Antton to a very special table that has been prepared just for him, a table for one set alone on a grassy bluff with a beautiful view of the ocean and a moody evening sky at early sunset.

Antton is offered a wine list and quickly asks for a recommendation. Our COLT Waiter suggests a very special drink not on the wine list, a Fantasy Resort secret blend. After one small taste of this special elixir he agrees it is magnificent and pleads for more. His waiter pours his glass full and assures him that the drink will take him to a very special place. As Antton relaxes with his drink our waiter offers him exotic island fruits which he proceeds to feed Antton by hand. Antton eagerly accepts and finshes each succulent piece by licking the juices from the fingers of his attentive waiter. Feeling the special effects from the drink Antton clumsily spills the contents of his glass all over his shirt. His waiter quickly strips Antton’s shirt from him and offers to have it cleaned before it is stained. As he rushes away he encourages Antton to enjoy the sunset as his dinner will be served shortly.

Before long our chef arrives with a platter of exotic and delicious desserts. “What have you got for me” asks Antton. Chef Kane smiles and suggests that they play a little game to see how good his senses are. Taking a napkin chef Kane blindfolds Antton. With a smile on his face, Antton submits and depends on his chef’s pallet to get him through this experience. Intending to fully please his guest chef Kane attentively begins to feed Antton from the many delights on his platter. Soon each bite is offered with a little something special. The passion escalates with sucking on honey dipped fingers, berries fed mouth to mouth and whipped crème slathered on skin and offered up to be licked and enjoyed by a hungry dinner guest.

The feast is well underway but for a big appetite like Antton’s our chef knows how to truly satisfy. Digging deep into his jeans chef Kane pulls out his rolling-pin cock and dips it deep into a gelatin and cream parfait. With a knowing smile he offers up this delicious con-cock-tion to an eager and yet unsuspecting Antton who begins to lap at this most delectable dessert as if he were dining on sweet ambrosia. Fortunately chef Kane made enough for seconds and even thirds as this is one dessert that is being gobbled up as fast as our chef can dish it out. Turns out all of the delights on chef Kane’s platter of specialties are all easily served directly from his hard cock and he is sure to give his guest a mouthful of every delicious treat on his platter.

Once his guest has had a taste of each dish, chef Kane removes the blindfold so that Antton can get a good look at what he has been feasting on. Antton’s eye bulge with pleasure as he greedily swallows every inch of chef Kane’s huge portion of meat. Loosing himself in pleasure Antton pulls out his own hefty piece of meat and knowing that his guest’s fantasy is to get more than just a great meal, Chef Kane turns the tables and gives Annton the full service experience he’s been longing for. Kane works Annton’s cock-meat like a master chef, tenderizing every inch so that the juices really flow. Eager for the main course, Antton turns and mounts his dinning chair, offering up his own best dish for chef Kane. Knowing just what to do with some left over whipped cream, Chef Kane makes a meal of Anttons perfectly round ass.

The view of these two naked hunks going man-to-man, combined with the spectacular Hawaiian sunset will have you feeling as if you too had a few too many sips of that special drink. COLT Man Eric Valentin was correct, this drink does take you to a special place. With a camera angle that will have you swooning, Chef Kane slides his searing hot cock up inside Antton’s eager ass. One look at Antton’s face (and at his raging hard cock) will let you know that he is having the best sex of his life. A slow and easy fuck quickly gains momentum and becomes an ass-slapping, butt-pounding fuck session as both men feed off each other’s raw sexual energy. Antton takes every inch with pleasure and Chef Kane delivers it like a machine, over and over and over again. Time stands still for these two sex gods engaged in a one-on-one encounter that is truly out of this world. Plenty of intense eye contact, jaw-dropping close-ups and all-out, marathon ass fucking makes this a four star fantasy for the books.

Categories: Anal, Ass Play, Men, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 28 min
Photo of Antton Harri
Antton Harri
Photo of Kane O'Farrell
Kane O'Farrell

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