Beg for It Scene 3

Photo of Beg for It Scene 3
Photo of Beg for It Scene 3

A tied up and helpless Derek Nicks squirms on top of a billiard table. With a gag in his mouth, Derek tries to call out, begging for help. Hearing his calls, shirtless stud Nash Lawler enters the room. He’s ready for a little stick and ball action and he likes what he sees waiting for him on the pool table.

Apparently Derek has been a bad boy and deserves this “punishment”. Derek plays a good game of fresh back talk, but Nash has the upper hand and doesn’t let his boy get too cocky without some payback.

Stripping, stroking and teasing, the play begins to get serious. Nash uses his pool cue to poke and prod, taunting his boy to a state of full arousal. With his arms and legs tied there is little Derek can do as Nash tastes and strokes his rock-hard cock.

Nash flips Derek onto his belly and begins to focus his attention on that cute bubble butt. Man-handling that ass gets Nash hard and ready. He decides its time to take off that gag and to put Derek’s mouth to better use. But fist he teases, holding it just out reach. He makes Derek beg for that juicy hard dick. And just when he’s got that boy right where he wants him, begging for dick, he lets him have it. And he lets him have it HARD. A cocky young boy like Derek deserves a good hard dick, deep in his throat and drilled into his tight young ass.

Categories: Anal, Bondage, Boys, Oral
Details: Jul 1, 2014 28 min
Photo of Derek Nicks
Derek Nicks
Photo of Nash Lawler
Nash Lawler

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