Beg for It Scene 4

Photo of Beg for It Scene 4
Photo of Beg for It Scene 4

Tough top Hayden Stephens matches up perfectly with sexy pretty boy Philippe Delvaux as they lock in for some hot mouth on mouth kissing and some heavy petting. Hayden takes the lead as he overpowers Philippe on a four-post bed made for hard core fucking. He strips away the clothes to reveal a tight hot body that he’s about to devour. Hayden flips Philippe over and takes his time getting acquainted with that tight firm ass, playing with that boy hole and tonguing him deep.

Using some rope, Hayden creates a tether, tying Phillipe’s cock and balls to the bed, keeping him in the perfect position on all fours.

Hayden goes to the front of the bed and dangles his meat in front of a cock hungry Philippe. He puts that boy’s mouth to work getting his huge cock rock hard and ready. As Philippe goes to town sucking that big pole, his hungry and twitching ass gyrates in the air; it looks like his ass is begging to be fucked.

Hayden gets his boy so revved up that when the fucking starts, it’s a hard and wild ride from the get go. A fast and frenzied fuck gets both of these guy’s huge dicks throbbing, Hayden drilling that boy butt in long hard fuck-thrusts. Exploring and enjoying each new position, these guys fuck until the juices can’t be held back any longer. Philippe is drenched, first by a searing hot load of Hayden’s cum, shot in thick streams across his face. Then his own load erupts and flies high before landing on his own chest. Talk about a nut busting load. Who wouldn’t beg for a fuck session like that?

Categories: Anal, Boys, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 35 min
Photo of Hayden Stephens
Hayden Stephens
Photo of Philippe Delvaux
Philippe Delvaux

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