Estate of Man Scene 1

Photo of Estate of Man Scene 1
Photo of Estate of Man Scene 1

With thick hard bodies and smooth muscular builds, bodybuilders Peter Shadow and Sebastian Bronco pose and flex for each other with mutual admiration. With lots of groping, ass slapping and muscle fondling the bulges in their trunks swell until they are ready to bust out. Sebastian reaches in and frees Peter’s hard uncut cock. Stroking back the juicy foreskin he devours that piece of man-meat. Peter grabs the back of Sebastian’s head and thrusts his cock deep down that throat.

Peter strips away Sebastian’s posing trunks and turns his attention to that hot muscled ass. Spreading those mounds apart he goes right for that tight hole, probing with his wet fingers as he slaps that tight ass. Seeing Sebastian’s hefty balls hanging low between his thick legs, Peter decides to get himself a mouthful of that big uncut cock.

Before long, Peter wants more of that ass. From behind he slides his cock deep inside Sebastian. Right away they fuck hard and fast, Sebastian moaning with pleasure as his ass gets drilled deep. Muscle pounding against muscle, Peter punishes that ass good. Sebastian gets up on top as Peter drills him down from below. Reaching around him, Peter milks Sebastian’s cum swollen cock.

Taking it pile-driver style on his back, Sebastian strokes himself over the edge, spilling his thick load as his ass gets filled with uncut cock. Not letting up one bit Peter continues to pound that ass until his balls are eager to explode. Peter pulls out in the last second as cum erupts from his throbbing cock.

Categories: Anal, Ass Play, Jerking Off, Oral, Posing/Flexing, Rimming, Underwear/Bathing Suit
Details: Jul 1, 2014 21 min
Photo of Peter Shadow
Peter Shadow
Photo of Sebastian Bronco
Sebastian Bronco

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