Curious Scene 2

Photo of Curious Scene 2
Photo of Curious Scene 2

Locked in and fully loaded, Nash and Jason are lip locked and in sync, passionately getting their fill, tasting, licking and kissing every inch of each other.

Nash works his way down and helps himself to that raging hard cock in Jason pants, swallowing deep hearty mouthfuls of that big juicy dick. Jason kicks back and looks on as his cock gets manhandled.

Once Nash takes his fill of cock, it’s his turn for some dedicated service. With his horny boy butt in the air, Jason eagerly gets to pleasuring that hot cock with his talented throat. The suck and stroke action takes Nash to the edge until his cock can’t wait any longer.

With a probing tongue and a rock hard dick, Nash takes that ass, lubing it up and then drilling it deep as Jason begs for more. With their dicks on fire the ass splitting gets hotter and hotter until they blow each others fuses. Jason takes Nash’s cock to completion as he jacks and pounds out his own fiery hot load.

Categories: Anal, Boys, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 27 min
Photo of Jason Pitt
Jason Pitt
Photo of Nash Lawler
Nash Lawler

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