Curious Scene 4

Photo of Curious Scene 4
Photo of Curious Scene 4

Hayden Stephens tops Benjamin Bradley - As the action on the screen comes to a close, the action in the bedroom has shifted into high gear. No more sexual tension, no more sly glances; these guys are getting it on.

Benjamin gives his house guest the full service treatment. As Hayden lays back on the bed he is treated to a deep throat cock massage, one that gets his fat cock all juiced up. Taking his cue from the movie he watched, Hayden makes sure he gives his buddy the same loving cock worship that he just enjoyed. For a guy who’s never seen an adult movie, he seems to be a natural pro at sucking cock, sensuously enjoying every inch of Benjamin’s long hard bone.

As Hayden explores the tight round hole of Benjamin’s muscled ass, he finds cock sucking isn’t the only thing that cums naturally. He gives Benjamin the ride he’s been waiting for all day. Hayden lets go and lets his instincts take over. With his big fat cock he lets Benjamin have it, burying it deep in that hot muscled butt. Like a well seasoned top man he pounds that ass to his heart’s content, satisfying himself and his partner until searing hot loads explode from their swollen cocks and drained balls.

Categories: Anal, Boys, Muscle, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 20 min
Photo of Benjamin Bradley
Benjamin Bradley
Photo of Hayden Stephens
Hayden Stephens

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