Photo of HARD STUDIES Scene 2
Photo of HARD STUDIES Scene 2

Then we get to watch more of the loud oral wind-up as Josh and Park enjoy both cocks and asses, including one of the great ass eating sequences of all time as Park chows down on one of the most famous asses in the all-male adult world! The action heats up even more when Josh starts pounding Park's ass in his trade- marked power-pounding style, with Park hanging on to the bed to keep from falling off. It's followed by a great sequence when Park jumps up and down on the bed, impaling himself on Josh's ready cock. Then just when you think it can't get any better, Josh is on his back and you get to see Park in the driver’s seat! That hole you saw winking at you in the beginning of the scene is getting the attention it’s been calling for! And it’s one happy hole as Park growls with the passion of topping and two great loads jump out of hard and happy cocks.

Categories: Anal, Jerking Off, Muscle, Oral
Details: Oct 1, 2014 14 min
Photo of Josh Weston
Josh Weston
Photo of Park Wiley
Park Wiley

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