Photo of BOOT BLACK BLUES Scene 5
Photo of BOOT BLACK BLUES Scene 5

Scene Five is set up when big daddy Parker Williams has little boy Danny come to his place to work on cleaning the boots in his collection. His BIG boot collection. But while he’s cleaning, Trey Casteel comes over in a horny mood. Soon Trey is down on Parkers big beef stick, and things are heating up. Oliver(Danny Roddick) can’t help but crawl over on his hands and knees to sneak a peak. Parker notices Oliver looking round the corner and has him join in the festivities. Oliver first shares the daddy dick with Trey, but soon gets rolled on his back to take care of Parker and Trey at the same time. Oliver’s super-hard schlong shows there's no acting involved in how much he loves servicing two guys at once! That is almost as much as he loves it when he switches places with Trey and pounds his ass with enthusiasm! The final scene fades with a big kiss between little boy Oliver and big daddy Parker. Has Oliver found his new home, better yet has he found a new daddy to take care of him?

Categories: Anal, Hairy, Oral, Threeway, Toys
Details: Oct 1, 2014 25 min
Photo of Danny Roddick
Danny Roddick
Photo of Parker Williams
Parker Williams
Photo of Trey Casteel
Trey Casteel

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