Rumper Room Scene 1

Photo of Rumper Room Scene 1
Photo of Rumper Room Scene 1

Mario Costa tops Damon Audigier - Let the games begin! Sitting back and watching his shirtless buds getting into their video games, hung and horny Mario Costa can’t wait for his turn to play. Only he isn’t thinking about playing video games. He’d rather play with his big fat cock. Damon Audigier gets a glimpse of Mario playing with his big meaty cock and finds he can’t look away from the 11 incher! A flirty game of stroking and teasing becomes an invitation to sneak away from the game room to the bedroom where the real fun and games get underway.

Once they are alone Damon helps himself to a mouthful of that massive cock. Mario’s boner is a jawbreaker and Damon deep throats that monster like a pro. Pulling out his own cock for some stroking we see that Damon is also packing some serious meat.

Like a truly big dicked top should, Mario takes that boy butt, bending Damon over, lubing up that hole with his tongue and sliding his swollen cock deep in that ass. Damon takes a hard ass splitting as they fuck their way to a higher and higher level. Damon gets bonus points as he spews a massive load as Mario continues to drill his ass. Seeing his boy get off while getting fucked sends Mario into the bonus round. He finishes off with the highest score as he cranks and shoots a thick stream all over Damon’s sweaty and spent body.

Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Boys, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 24 min
Photo of Damon Audigier
Damon Audigier
Photo of Mario Costa
Mario Costa

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