Rumper Room Scene 2

Photo of Rumper Room Scene 2
Photo of Rumper Room Scene 2

Brandon Lewis tops Jake Lyons - Back in the game room, Brandon Lewis and Jake Lyons are deep in play, and the play is definitely getting physical. As Jake works his moves with his game controller, his real joystick wants in on the action. Popping out of his underwear, Jake’s hard and uncut boy boner gets Brandon’s attention.

When Brandon wins the round he says to Jake, “Now you gotta suck my dick!” With pleasure! Jake gets on his knees and gives the game winner his just rewards. Taking turns these guys bob and weave, up and down on each other’s thick juiced-up cocks. Jake makes his game-changing move. He turns around, bends over and offers Brandon his sweet ass, letting him take control of his ass.

It’s an ass slappin’ fun ride as Brandon takes that ass for several pile driving, action packed rounds. No need to keep score because in this game everyone wins. And when the sweat flies and the loads of cum explode you’ll want to run right out and get your very own video game console, and start playing.

Categories: Anal, Boys, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 23 min
Photo of Brandon Lewis
Brandon Lewis
Photo of Jake Lyons
Jake Lyons

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