Photo of WIDE STROKES Scene 2
Photo of WIDE STROKES Scene 2

Scene Two is a grand welcome home! Brand new COLT Man Exclusives Luke Garrett and Gage Weston are familiar faces to fans of many big muscle websites, in real life Gage had just returned from military service overseas when this scene was shot. The scene plays out as if Luke is giving Gage a spectacular welcome, starting slow and romantic, building up fire that soon out burns the little fireplace in the room! Gage feasts on Luke’s hard cock before Luke returns the favor... and so it goes back and forth in a powerfully erotic flip- flop see-saw of sex, escalating through passionate sucking, ass eating and mutual fucking. When the scene ends on Luke’s cum soaked face - it’s a beautiful thing!!!

Categories: Anal, Flip/Flop, Men, Muscle, Oral
Details: Oct 1, 2014 36 min
Photo of Gage Weston
Gage Weston
Photo of Luke Garrett
Luke Garrett

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