HOSTILE - Scene 1

Photo of HOSTILE - Scene 1
Photo of HOSTILE - Scene 1

The story catches our heroes, played by Buckshot Men Danny Roddick and Alex Chandler, in Amsterdam. They have grown bored there and find the men to be not as attractive as they had hoped. They meet a Hungarian business man, played by director Roland Dane, in a “coffee shop.” He teases the guys with the idea that Hungary has the most beautiful men in all of Europe and sends them to a very special hostel in Budapest.
From the beauty and charm of Amsterdam, the men find themselves in the relative bleakness outside the city of Budapest. They are greeted at the hostel by a sexy blonde woman, who informs them that the hostel is completely booked and they will need to share a room with two other guests.
When Danny and Alex get to their room, they find two hunky young guys, played by Matt Stefan and Lucio Maverick, making out in towel wraps. They greet our two visitors warmly and before you can say, “Hello sexy stranger”, they drop their towels and the action begins. All four men fuck side by side. Lucio gives an exceptionally hot and furious fuck to Alex, while Danny flip flops with Matt. It is a marathon session for the four hunks and each of them shoots really hot and heavy loads! While cuddling in bed, our two heroes are told about a disco...

Categories: Anal, Group Sex, Oral, Rimming
Details: Oct 1, 2014 30 min
Photo of Alex Chandler
Alex Chandler
Photo of Danny Roddick
Danny Roddick
Photo of Lucio Maverick
Lucio Maverick
Photo of Matt Stefan
Matt Stefan

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