Photo of CASTING COUCH - Scene 3
Photo of CASTING COUCH - Scene 3

Scene 3 cuts to Brad Patton and his co-star, “Janos” (played by Zoltan Gondor) being interviewed by Jose Ganetti. Patton decides to goes ‘off record’ when questioned about how he works with Gondor, and the two of them begin to seduce Ganetti. Ganetti licks Patton’s famously oversized dick, as does Gondor. The scene moves to Ganetti getting a blow job from Gondor, who is being rimmed by Patton, who he soon fucks. Soon, Gondor is getting gang banged by both men. Patton then fucks Ganetti, side-by-side on the couch, while Ganetti sucks off Gondor. Ganetti shoots a HUGE load on the couch while being fucked by Patton. Gondor, who has been jacking off to this, cums all over Ganetti, as does Patton.

Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Jerking Off, Oral, Rimming, Threeway
Details: Oct 1, 2014 20 min
Photo of Brad Patton
Brad Patton
Photo of Jose Ganetti
Jose Ganetti
Photo of Zoltan Gondor
Zoltan Gondor

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