Photo of BODYGUARDS - Scene 1
Photo of BODYGUARDS - Scene 1

The story opens on the patio of a picturesque villa. Mark (played by Flavio Valentino) is meeting with his business partner (Julian Vincenzo) to discuss some unpleasant news that is developing in petrol trading market. Each man is flanked by their personal BODYGUARDS (Fernando Nielson and Win Diesel) who are eyeing each other up as they stand duty-bound behind their employers. When the conversation turns to sensitive insider information, the BODYGUARDS are dismissed. Away from their employers these hunks find the opportunity to appreciate each other up close and its not long before they find themselves shirtless and giving each other a hands-on evaluation of their obvious progress at the gym. They engage in some tough-guy rough-housing with plenty of muscle-groping and man-handling mixed in. When the conversation turns to their workouts that is when Win offers to show Fernando the one muscle he especially likes to “work out”. As a fellow BODYGUARD, Fernando is more than eager to administer the workout and he quickly reaches in and gets down to give Win’s cock muscle a good blood-pumping warm up. Incredible camera angles will make you feel you are the one giving Win’s impressive body the hard workout he seems to need.

BODYGUARDS are always on the job so when the business meeting comes to a close Julian ventures out to look for his hired man. As he rounds the corner he catches an eyeful of what these guys have been up to. What initially catches Julian off-guard quickly becomes a welcomed surprise as he intently observes the action from shadows of an obscured walkway. So completely focused on each others bodies, these BODYGUARDS are hardly aware of an extra set of eyes taking it all in.

Like any good workout partner, Win knows to make sure his buddy’s muscles are also getting a good pump and gets into position on Fernando’s rock hard cock to quickly get his juices flowing. It isn’t long before Julian emerges from the shadows and out of his clothes to join in the fray. Julian gets down on his knees before Fernando’s solid ass to give him the same focused attention that Win is delivering up front. With all this attention Fernando is well past the point of being warmed up and is now ready to kick this 3-way work-out up a notch. A full-fledged outdoor fuck-fest ensues as Fernando goes down on his side in the grass and gives up his hot hole for the pounding. His tight round ass admirably takes everything that Julian and Win are willing and ready to dish out. The sweat really starts to fly when Fernando mounts Julian’s thick barbell of a cock for a marathon set of deep-squat thrusts right up his ass. This is one dick-ride that you will want to watch again and again. Then in true tag-team fashion Win steps up to deliver a pile-driving drill-fuck, diving deep and hard into Fernando’s open and skyward facing ass. The muscled flesh pounding doesn’t let up as these guys easily go several rounds of cock diving before giving up their payloads all over Fernando’s muscled and arching backside.

All in a days work for these BODYGUARDS.

Categories: Anal, Business Suit, Men, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors, Threeway
Details: Oct 1, 2014 24 min
Photo of Fernando Nielsen
Fernando Nielsen
Photo of Julian Vincenzo
Julian Vincenzo
Photo of Win Diesel
Win Diesel

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