HOOKED UP - Scene 4

Photo of HOOKED UP - Scene 4
Photo of HOOKED UP - Scene 4

Scene 4 starts out in the weight room with big-muscle stud Chris Stone, pumping and posing, showing us his massive muscles and ink. Tattoos adorn and accentuate his thick packed on muscle mass. This eye popping show is followed with an equally impressive display of tattooed muscle and brawn by a shirtless Claudio Antonelli.

After these guys give their muscles an appropriate appraisal its time to hit the weights. Claudio pumps the iron like a pro, bench pressing mind boggling amounts of weight, giving his hard muscles a good pump. Chris looks on, impressed as he watches his buddy’s muscles in action. Claudio takes the weights to limit and goes to the point of complete failure. That is when Chris steps in, giving only the smallest amount of help, letting his buddy’s spent muscles do as much work as they can to get that one last rep up. Claudio gets it up alright and as he rises from the bench his liftin buddy Chris pulls out his hard cock and offers it to Claudio as a reward for the hard work.

Chris’ body is rock-solid hard, all over, especially his cock. Chris pulls off his shorts and lets his buddy to go town on his hard barbell of a dick. Chris gives his buddy a little extra push on the back of the head to help him get all the way down on that cock, just like a good liftin buddy should. Claudio’s eyes water as he pushes himself to the limit, pushing to get through all his up and down reps. Who says cock sucking isn’t a sport?!?

Again, when Claudio finishes a hard set Chris is there to give his liftin buddy a reward to keep him motivated. Chris gets down on his knees and starts workin on his Claudio’s cock, doing his own set of deep throated cock swallowing reps. Chris works that meat pole in a set of slow and steady repetitions, making sure to pump that muscle to the limit. This weight bench must get a lot of action with these two hot studs working out together.

After getting his cock worked out nice and hard Claudio turns to offer his muscled ass up for some attention. Chris gives those ass muscles a good slap to get them warmed up, getting it ready for some heavy pounding. Chris gets in there with his tongue; licking deep to make sure that ass is good and ready. Claudio fist pumps his cock, making sure to keep it nice and hard throughout the workout.

And here comes the heavy liftin, it’s time to pound it out with some hard and heavy Cock-Thrusts. From behind, Chris rams his cock hard into Claudio’s muscle ass. Claudio groans with pain, but as they say in the gym… No Pain, No Gain. Claudio takes it like a man, his face locked in a grimace as the pain transforms into an adrenaline like pump of pleasure coursing through his rock hard body. Chris delivers the cock-thrusts like a set of repetitions, thrust after thrust, going deep and hitting it hard, not letting up until his muscles have had the workout they need. He gives Claudio’s ass a slap as they get in sync and start fuckin in a steady rhythm of controlled thrusts, deep breaths and manly grunts.

Claudio looks back to admire the perfect form and technique his buddy uses to fuck ass. The camera gets in good and close so that we can all appreciate this impressive and athletic form of muscle fucking. These guys give each other encouraging slaps and gropes as the fucking gets harder and more intense, feeding off each other’s macho energy as the sweat really begins to fly.

Chris gets down onto the bench and Claudio Gets in position on top, squatting his ass down on Chris’ hard barbell and another hard and heavy set of ass pounding is underway with barely an instant to catch your breath. Claudio starts at a steady pace as Chris grabs hold of handfuls of ass. Claudio splits his own ass in two driving down on Chris’ meat, jacking that cock with his ass, pounding out rep after rep of ass driving squats. Chris manhandles Claudio from below assisting in keeping form and a hard and steady up and down motion, never breaking form, going as hard and as deep as possible, going to all out leg failure.

At that point Claudio is put into pile driver position, his back on the floor, his legs in the air, ass facing straight up, Chris takes his dick and drives it straight down, all the way until the hilt is buried deep in Claudio’s ass. Claudio takes the full on force of all out power fuck, taking it hard and heavy, grunting and sweating the whole time.

There is no letting up. Chris has hit his stride and he’s riding this set out to an explosive climax. Tendons snap and muscle pop as Chris reaches the ultimate pump, the cum gushing rush he’s been working for. In perfect sync Claudio gets his pump rush at the same moment and these guys both pound their meat in their fists as they squirt hot liquid all over the place.

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Details: Oct 1, 2014 23 min
Photo of Chris Stone
Chris Stone
Photo of Claudio Antonelli
Claudio Antonelli

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