Paradise Found Scene 4

Photo of Paradise Found Scene 4
Photo of Paradise Found Scene 4

After a swim in the resort pool, our leather top Jason meets with Mr. Chandler. This handsome and dark haired top sees the kidnapping fantasy as an opportunity to be alone to get into some ‘mischief’ with the resort staff. His ‘power bottom’ boyfriend (as he refers to Patrick) will be off being kidnapped, leaving him free to enjoy ‘the staff’. Mr. Chandler smiles and assures Jason there will be plenty of mischief to be had and instructs him to be at their bungalow, with Patrick at exactly 2pm that day.

At 2pm we find both Jason and Patrick at their bungalow, both men dressed in some hot leather play clothes. Jason is in a tight pair of leather shorts and ‘power bottom’ Patrick in a black leather Jockstrap. Jason, in true domineering fashion chides Patrick for ‘always wearing that’, referring to his COLT Leather Zip Jock. It’s hard to see what he’s complaining about though because when you get a look at Patrick’s sweet ass in that Zip Jock you’ll have to assume they are just role playing.

When Mr. Chandler shows up Jason pretends to be surprised, fully expecting the kidnapping to begin. Rather than a kidnapping Mr. Chandler appears to have just stopped by to see how the stay was going for both men and promises to deliver on their requested fantasy soon. Jason seems annoyed that he has to wait any longer to be free to play.

Mr. Chandler pleads for patience on their part and then excuses himself to use the rest room. Both men are left waiting for what seems an endless amount of time with no sign of their host coming out of the restroom. Jason becomes exasperated as his patience runs out. Eventually the bathroom door finally opens and Mr. Chandler once again returns, only now the Mr. Chandler that stands before them isn’t the same Mr. Chandler that went in. No longer dressed in his signature white linen suit, Mr. Chandler has morphed into a full fledged Leather Top Master and it appears that this fantasy is about to begin. Wearing leather chaps, a studded harness and a Master’s Cap, Mr. Chandler snaps his fingers with authority and summons two big and burly resort servants, COLT Men Luke Garrett and Gage Weston. They quickly move in, rope in hand to apprehend the kidnap victim. But they must have gotten the guys mixed up as they move in and down on Jason, quickly overpowering him and tying his helpless arms behind his back. Patrick watches on with a mile wide smile as these two men tackle and man-handle his top. Jason is shocked and tries in vein to fight off his captors. Just then Mr. Chandler steps in to set the record straight. Jason has become a top who thinks he is ‘all that’ and then some. He naturally assumed the fantasy was designed for him, and Patrick would be the kidnapping victim. Not so. This fantasy is a true table-turning, “power bottom’s” revenge!

Patrick’s fantasy is for his lover Jason to be kidnapped, tied up and forced to watch as his ‘power bottom’ is used by another top. HOT! And from the looks of the boner that is popping out of Jason’s leather shorts this promises to be one wild fantasy. As Jason is hauled off, bounded and mouth sealed with tape, Mr. Chandler promises to take good care of him.

Next we are treated to quite a dick dripping sight, literally. A naked and sweaty Jason is alone outdoors in an empty field, shackled underneath a half-structure steel shelter. His arms bound behind him and cinched with rope to his dripping cock and balls. He bound to a tying pole, his mouth is taped shut. A cord of rope and extra shackles hang all around him. No one can b3e seen for miles. He would probably be afraid is he wasn’t so obviously turned on. A faucet of pre-cum drips in a steady stream from his pulsating cock. Slowly, the sound of a motor grows louder from behind as someone, or something is coming his way. Clad in their leather gear, Master Chandler and boy Patrick appear on the scene riding a 4 wheel ATV.

Master Chandler thinks this fantasy will be a good chance for these guys to reconnect and he tells boy Patrick to ‘get down there’. Patrick does as he is told and he gets down to eye level with his helpless lover’s cock which his still juicing and harder than ever. Patrick is helpless as both men begin to devour his sweaty and aching body. The rope is tied tight around his balls and constricts with every thrust but that doesn’t stop him from pushing his cock deep into his boy’s throat. The pain of the rope squeezing his balls just makes the pre-cum flow like a river. The only sounds to be heard are tape muffled grunts of deep pleasure. Patrick unzips his jock to stroke his swollen boy bone which is also flowing with a steady stream of juicy pre-cum.

Knowing there is no one for miles, Master Chandler decides its OK to tear that tape off of Jason’s mouth. He isn’t going anywhere and besides, how can he shove his tongue down that throat with that tape in the way? As Master Chandler gets in on the action, boy Patrick now has two pre-cum gushing cocks to keep juiced. Master Chandler doesn’t loose sight that part of this fantasy is for Jason to see his boy get used by another top. After he gets his cock mighty hard with Patrick’s talented throat Master Chandler begins his working lubing up that boy hole. If he’s really gonna use that hole he knows he has to get it ready, so he positions himself to bury his tongue deep into that fuck-hole. Patrick keeps his lover’s tied up cock lodged deep down in his throat while his ass is overhauled and re-worked by a new owner. Jason watches and even cheers Master Chandler on as he gets genuine arousal from seeing his boy’s hole getting tongue fucked by another top. His cock couldn’t get any harder.

Being a ‘power bottom’ Patrick isn’t about to let his lover’s ‘hard-as-a-rock’ cock get off without first getting his power-ass plowed. Jason turns to position his ass right up on that skyward facing rod, using Master Chandlers legs for support, face impaled on his cock, Patrick teases Jason’s throbbing bone, gliding his hole up and down over that gleaming fuck-pole. Jason moans as he tries to plummet his tied up cock and balls deep into that sweet ass. Patrick can only tease so long before he needs to have that ass-dagger inside him. With cock fucking and stuffing him at both ends Patrick is starting to really feel that spark return to his sex life and he is all grunts and groans. And to show his lover what it looks like to have another top use his hole. Patrick does a 180 degree turn, mounting his face back onto his Top Lover’s cock while offering his boy butt for pounding by the Fantasy Master himself, and Mr. Chandler uses that hole like a Fantasy Master Top.

Everyone’s cock is throbbing and full of cum. Patrick is the first one to go over the edge. As his ass is relentlessly invaded with cock he finally bursts with a bucket of squirting cum that lets loose in fire-hose thick streams of jizz. Watching his boy cum, Jason is literally dripping wads and he is next to boil over. Still cinch-tied and helpless, Jason cums like a rushing river, without anyone even touching his cock. Looking at his face it almost looks painful but we know he is in ecstasy as he lets go with a torrent of cum. Patrick’s face is fixed as he watches the thick liquid churn out of his lover’s swollen cock head. And finally, the Master of ceremonies, Mr. Chandler delivers a big bang of his own. He tops this fantasy off with a steamy load of cum shot clear across Patrick’s sweat soaked back.

Categories: Anal, Bondage, Leather, Men, Oral, Rimming, Threeway
Details: Jul 1, 2014 24 min
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Alex Chandler
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Jason Ridge
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Toby O'Connor

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