EASY ENTRY - Easy Entry

Photo of EASY ENTRY - Easy Entry
Photo of EASY ENTRY - Easy Entry

When blond-hunk Noel Kemp returns home from work, he finds his horny roommate Derrick Bolen sprawled out on the floor in front of the TV with a hot all-male video on the screen. Derrick's so busy beating his hard dick he doesn’t even see his roomate in the doorway watching him with his hard cock in hand. When Noel enters the room, Derrick is stratled but when he looks up he sees Noel undressing with his hard cock out and ready. Noel teases his horny roommate, towering above him with his hard cock, showing off his muscled body before he leans in for a hot lip lock. Passionate kissing, hot cock sucking and deep rimming gets these guys worked up for what becomes an all out fuck-fest as Noel gives his roommate a deep and satisfying fuck.

Categories: Anal, Business Suit, Men, Oral, Pre-Condom, Rimming, Vault
Details: Dec 15, 2014 16 min
Photo of Derrick Bolen
Derrick Bolen
Photo of Noel Kemp
Noel Kemp

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