TRIPLE TREAT - Magic Of Power

Photo of TRIPLE TREAT - Magic Of Power
Photo of TRIPLE TREAT - Magic Of Power

As Neal Shaw sleeps he envisions the kind of man he most desires. How else but in a dream could he experience the magnificence of Frank Vikers? His excitement rises as the tower of power changes from fantasy to flesh and blood with the feel, touch and taste of reality. Especially the taste! This scene captures the sweaty intensity of man-to-man sex. Hardened biceps, swinging cocks, booted calves, hairy armpits, swollen balls, and wet open mouths collide on every frame. Stunningly photographed, THE MAGIC OF POWER is set on an empty stage where the only players are Vickers and Shaw, and the only props are the unlimited reaches of their imaginations.

Categories: Anal, Jerking Off, Men, Muscle, Oral, Posing/Flexing, Pre-Condom, Vault
Details: Dec 15, 2014 21 min
Photo of Frank Vickers
Frank Vickers
Photo of Neal Shaw
Neal Shaw

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