Photo of BEST OF BUCKSHOT - Chute
Photo of BEST OF BUCKSHOT - Chute

A drive through the desert wilderness, Al Parker comes across an alarming site. An unconscious man (Toby) is up in a tree with a spent prachute caught in the tree branches. Getting out of his van All climbs the tree to help. As Toby comes around he realizes that his rescuer is a handsome and shirtless man, and feeling his senses return he reaches out and grabs the man part he wants most, Al's thick bulge. Being a red blooded man, Al can't help but be aroused by this sudden and unexpected show of physical affection. Stripping out of their clothes they get busy right there in the tree before they climb down for some more serious action on the ground. Naked and carefree these men make their way to the van where their huge cocks, horny asses and a few bottles of beer lead the way to one of the hottest and most unexpected Man-On-Man encounters either of them will ever experience.

Categories: Ass Play, Big Dick, Jerking Off, Men, Oral, Outdoors, Pre-Condom, Rimming, Vault
Details: Dec 15, 2014 19 min
Photo of Al Parker
Al Parker
Photo of Toby

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