Photo of MUSCLE RANCH - Scene 1
Photo of MUSCLE RANCH - Scene 1

When superstud rancher ED DINAKOS sees an intriguing photo contained in a farm-hand job application, you'd better stand back and get ready for some explosive, all-male sexual fireworks! Incredible JAKE TANNER is the man who ignites the fuse in MUSCLE RANCH.

Returning to the homestead, Ed takes a closer look at Jake's photo and soon feels that urge that men sometimes do. Putting a favorite video on, Ed strips down for some good old do-it-yourself release. On the screen bodybuilder Wayne Mills stars in a fantasy scene of a nude greek statue come to life. When Wayne sees his reflexion in the waters of the pool for the first time he flexes every muscle and admires the perfection of his sculpted male form. The manly display on the screen has Ed pumping and jerking, all the while thinking about his new ranch hand Jake Tanner.

Categories: Big Dick, Cowboy, Jerking Off, Muscle, Outdoors, Posing/Flexing, Vault
Details: Dec 15, 2014 19 min
Photo of Ed Dinakos
Ed Dinakos
Photo of Jake Tanner
Jake Tanner
Photo of Wayne Mills
Wayne Mills

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