Lucky Dreams Scene 4

Photo of Lucky Dreams Scene 4
Photo of Lucky Dreams Scene 4

Dominik Ryder and AJ Irons - AJ’s vivid and sexy dreams continue, raising his head from the pillow he looks down to find super-stud Dominik Rider going to town on his hard piece of meat. Dominik is worshipping that cock and moaning with pleasure as he swallows every inch. AJ reaches over and plays with Dominik's hot ass while his cock is well taken care of. AJ lifts his legs, inviting Dominik to explore that ass with his tongue. Dominik goes into overdrive probing and tonguing that ass, licking those hot swollen balls and deep throating that thick cock. The moans and sexy talk between them lets you know these guys are really digging each other.

Taking it to the next level AJ and Dominik give and take for each other in a hot 69 where each guy gets his fill of hot juicy cock. Ready to blow, they lay side by side while jacking off and watching each other as they set it off and get ready to shoot. One after the other they gush, squirt and explode with cum. Talk about a wet dream!

Categories: Anal, Ass Play, Boys, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 12 min
Photo of AJ Irons
AJ Irons
Photo of Dominik Rider
Dominik Rider

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