Paradise Found Scene 5

Photo of Paradise Found Scene 5
Photo of Paradise Found Scene 5

Mr. Chandler carries his naked young lover in his arms to the resort pool. With an infinity edge the pool appears to flow into the ocean beyond and the water and the sky blend together to provide the perfect backdrop for some hot love making.

Mr. Chandler sets his lover down by the pool. They kiss passionately as Mr. Chandler’s big hands fondle and caress his young lover’s naked ass. Fully aroused and with a throbbing cock that stands at attention the Tattooed Man drops to his knees and gives his boss some much needed pleasure. The young assistant definitely earns his keep at the resort and it is easy to see how. Mr. Chandler clearly enjoys the way his assistant services his cock. But he also enjoys having that cute ass to fuck.

In the hot tub adjoining the pool, Mr. Chandler gets the pleasure of eating that sweet ass to his hearts content. He licks and tenderly probes that boy hole with his tongue until the young assistant is writhing with lust.

The boss is definitely taking care of his assistant and after a good ass reaming with his tongue it’s now time to give his helper a weekend bonus, or should we say boner. Bent over the hot tub ledge the Tattooed Man is getting paid in cock and Mr. Chandler knows this boy has earned it. It seems they are fucking in the clouds as the pool and they sky blend behind them. The water is warm and the sex is steamy as they fuck the day away. The Tattooed Man takes a ride on the Boss Man’s Cock, he isn’t about to make the boss do all the work in this fuck-fest now is he? With the agility of an acrobat he locks onto Mr. Chandler’s pole and uses his ass to jack that cock. And the extra work doesn’t go un-rewarded. Mr. Chandler gives every inch to his boy, bringing them both closer and close to the edge. Now lying on his back along the edge of the hot tub and the pool the Tattooed man strokes his hard cock as the boss is working that ass overtime. The payoff cums by the gallon as the young assistant strokes every drop he juice he can from his swollen balls.

Fulfilling other people’s fantasies every week is hard work, but fucking his boy at the end of the day makes it all worthwhile. Mr. Chandler calls it a day with his own big fat payload, which he pumps out all over his naked young lover’s chest. A trail of cum is left across the entire length of the tattooed mans body. Soaking in the late afternoon sun Mr. Chandler leans in to kiss his wet and sexy assistant who responds with equal passion. Just Another Day In Paradise.

Categories: Anal, Boys, Men, Oral
Details: Jul 1, 2014 17 min
Photo of Alex Chandler
Alex Chandler
Photo of Tory Mason
Tory Mason

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