BEST OF COLT 7 & 8 - Oasis

Photo of BEST OF COLT 7 & 8 - Oasis
Photo of BEST OF COLT 7 & 8 - Oasis

Ledermisester and Dick Trask are cowboys who meet after a day of hard riding and tending the horses. Once the saddles are put away these men take a ride in the SUV to get away from it all. Out in the dessert these men do what comes naturally, strip naked and take on the the rugged terrain. On the rocky bluffs they spread out the blanket and get down to business, kneeling before each other to worship at the altar of manhood. Cut to later in the day and these men are poolside, naked and still enjoying a mutual feast of the flesh. The action kicks into overdrive as Dick Trask breaks out the saddle and takes Leidermeister for a hard and wild ride. Not many men can tame the wild beast that is Leidermeister but DIck Trask is plenty man enough for this ride.

Categories: Anal, Cowboy, Men, Oral, Outdoors, Pre-Condom, Vault
Details: Dec 15, 2014 10 min
Photo of Dick Trask
Dick Trask
Photo of Ledermeister

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