Photo of HEAVY LIFTING Scene 1
Photo of HEAVY LIFTING Scene 1

Hunky stud Lance Seawell is so hard at work adjusting the controls in the Pump House he doesn't notice shirtless stud Arny Donan is standing nearby watching him work. When Lance looks up he is startled and asks, "What are you doing here?" Without saying a word, Arny moves in coolly and plants a hot and passionate kiss on Lance's lips. Pleasantly surprised, Lance kisses back and before he knows it this handsome stranger is on his knees with Lance's oversized uncut cock stuffed in his mouth. Lance bends his new friend over a utility case and splits his eager ass cheeks wide open with his throbbing dick. Taking it deep Arny rides Lance's man-tool, spreading his legs as he gets drilled hard. Giving his top everything he's got Arny feeds Lance his hot and steamy load. Stroking as he slurps cum from Arny’s juicy foreskin, Lance gushes his load, spurting cum like a geyser high up on his own chest.

Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Boys, Cum Eating, Jockstraps, Muscle, Oral, Uncut
Details: Apr 2, 2015 22 min
Photo of Arny Donan
Arny Donan
Photo of Lance Seawell
Lance Seawell

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