Scored! Scene 4

Photo of Scored! Scene 4
Photo of Scored! Scene 4

Brandon Jones is on the bed, shirtless and stroking his long, hard and uncut cock. Brandon smiles as Drake enters the room. Drake stands at the foot of the bed, pulls out his hard cock and begins to strip as these guys stroke and give each other hot and burning bedroom eyes.
Hot for each other, Drake joins this stud on the bed and takes a mouthful of his big juicy dick. A hot session of cock sucking has both guys getting their fill of big tasty dick.
Taking their passions to the next level, Drake mounts Brandon’s hot ass and goes to town. Brandon takes it like a man and loves every minute as Drake drills him hard from behind. Wanting to fuck even deeper Drake gets Brandon on his back with his ass off the edge of the bed. Brandon strokes his meaty cock until the juices start to fly. Drake continues to pound that hot ass as he watches Brandon cum. Seeing Brandon drenched in his own cum has Drake ready to blow. Pulling out he covers Brandon in his hot load.

Categories: Anal, Boys, Jerking Off, Muscle, Oral
Details: Jul 1, 2014 25 min
Photo of Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones
Photo of Drake Wild
Drake Wild

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