Buckshot Top Shots Volume 3

Photo of Buckshot Top Shots Volume 3
Photo of Buckshot Top Shots Volume 3

TOP SHOTS Volume 3 from Buckshot is a nut-busting collection of the most juicy, ball-draining cum shots from the Buckshot video library. Load after load after dick-squirting load, witness the endless Buckshot Boys’ explosions for your repeated pleasure. These Buckshot Boys are the cream of the crop.

Featuring the climactic eruptions from Buckshot movies: Hard Studies, Boot Black Blues, Manly Heat: Scorched, Manly Heat: Quenched, Muscle Ranch II, Brotherhood, Paradise Found. Enjoy!

Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Boys, Hairy, Leather, Men, Muscle, Outdoors, Uncut
Details: Feb 3, 2016 34 min
Photo of Adam Dexter
Adam Dexter
Photo of Alex Chandler
Alex Chandler
Photo of Alex Cobel
Alex Cobel
Photo of Antton Harri
Antton Harri
Photo of Brad Patton
Brad Patton
Photo of Brian Hansen
Brian Hansen
Photo of Brock Hatcher
Brock Hatcher
Photo of Colby Taylor
Colby Taylor
Photo of Cole Ryan
Cole Ryan
Photo of Corbin Michaels
Corbin Michaels
Photo of Dallas Reeves
Dallas Reeves
Photo of Danny Roddick
Danny Roddick
Photo of Dean Phoenix
Dean Phoenix
Photo of Diego De La Hoya
Diego De La Hoya
Photo of Hank Dutch
Hank Dutch
Photo of Jan Fischer
Jan Fischer
Photo of Jason Hawke
Jason Hawke
Photo of Jason Kingsley
Jason Kingsley
Photo of Jason Ridge
Jason Ridge
Photo of Jessie Balboa
Jessie Balboa
Photo of Jherrad Lopez
Jherrad Lopez
Photo of Joey Jordan
Joey Jordan
Photo of Josh Weston
Josh Weston
Photo of Justin Burkshire
Justin Burkshire
Photo of Kane O'Farrell
Kane O'Farrell
Photo of Ken Browning
Ken Browning
Photo of Kevin Armstrong
Kevin Armstrong
Photo of Kurt Wild
Kurt Wild
Photo of Kyle Lewis
Kyle Lewis
Photo of Lucas Di Fubbiano
Lucas Di Fubbiano
Photo of Mark Hansom
Mark Hansom
Photo of Mason Wyler
Mason Wyler
Photo of Matt Cole
Matt Cole
Photo of Nick Marino
Nick Marino
Photo of Niko
Photo of Niko Reeves
Niko Reeves
Photo of Park Wiley
Park Wiley
Photo of Parker Williams
Parker Williams
Photo of Remo Ferri
Remo Ferri
Photo of Sebastian Rivers
Sebastian Rivers
Photo of Simon Angel
Simon Angel
Photo of Toby O'Connor
Toby O'Connor
Photo of Tory Mason
Tory Mason
Photo of Trey Casteel
Trey Casteel
Photo of Zack Randall
Zack Randall

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