Big Buddies Scene 3

Photo of Big Buddies Scene 3
Photo of Big Buddies Scene 3

A hard day at the office comes with its rewards at home. All-New COLT Man Kent Cooper wastes no time getting out his COLT Collection jockstrap and and taking some time to unwind after a hard day. You can see Kent on most days of the week, but now you get to see him here for your eyes only. As the jockstrap comes off, the muscles emerge and you will see that Kent’s body hair doesn’t disappoint either. The rewards are definitely worthwhile – especially when you see his furry butthole and tight, uncut cock.

Kent’s throbbing hard cock and balls have been waiting all day to be set free. With a devious glance Kent invites you to share a very special part of his day – Just you and him.

Categories: Hairy, Jerking Off, Jockstraps, Men, Muscle, Solo, Uncut, Underwear/Bathing Suit, Voyeur/Exhibitionism
Details: Dec 17, 2015 22 min
Photo of Kent Cooper
Kent Cooper

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