Buckshot Top Shots Volume 4

Photo of Buckshot Top Shots Volume 4
Photo of Buckshot Top Shots Volume 4

TOP SHOTS Volume 4 from Buckshot is a nut-busting collection of the most juicy, ball-draining cum shots from the Buckshot video library. Load after load after dick-squirting load, witness the endless Buckshot Boys’ explosions for your repeated pleasure. These Buckshot Boys are the cream of the crop.

Featuring the climactic eruptions from Buckshot movies: Buckleroos, Part 1, Buckleroos Part 2, Leather-bound, Beyond Perfect, Big Rig. Enjoy!

Categories: Big Dick, Boys, Cum Eating, Group Sex, Hairy, Jerking Off, Leather, Men, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors, Pre-Condom, Solo, Toys, Uncut
Details: Feb 20, 2016 28 min
Photo of Adam North
Adam North
Photo of Andrew Rubio
Andrew Rubio
Photo of Andy Briggs
Andy Briggs
Photo of Arpad Miklos
Arpad Miklos
Photo of Blake Nolan
Blake Nolan
Photo of Brad Benton
Brad Benton
Photo of Brad Patton
Brad Patton
Photo of Brian Hansen
Brian Hansen
Photo of Chad Thomas
Chad Thomas
Photo of Chris Wide
Chris Wide
Photo of Colby Taylor
Colby Taylor
Photo of Danny Lopez
Danny Lopez
Photo of Dave Angelo
Dave Angelo
Photo of Dean Phoenix
Dean Phoenix
Photo of Demitri Banks
Demitri Banks
Photo of Diego De La Hoya
Diego De La Hoya
Photo of Eddy Mataro
Eddy Mataro
Photo of Edu Boxer
Edu Boxer
Photo of Gus Mattox
Gus Mattox
Photo of Jake Andrews
Jake Andrews
Photo of Jason Crew
Jason Crew
Photo of Jason Kennedy
Jason Kennedy
Photo of Jason Kingsley
Jason Kingsley
Photo of Joey Milano
Joey Milano
Photo of Josh Hardman
Josh Hardman
Photo of Justin Gemini
Justin Gemini
Photo of Kristian Alvarez
Kristian Alvarez
Photo of Marc Sterling
Marc Sterling
Photo of Marcus Iron
Marcus Iron
Photo of Matthew Green
Matthew Green
Photo of Mike Dasher
Mike Dasher
Photo of Omer
Photo of Owen Hawk
Owen Hawk
Photo of Pete Ross
Pete Ross
Photo of Pierro Sias
Pierro Sias
Photo of Ricky  Martinez
Ricky Martinez
Photo of Sam Shadon
Sam Shadon
Photo of Sammy Case
Sammy Case
Photo of Tamas Eszterhazy
Tamas Eszterhazy
Photo of Timmy Thomas
Timmy Thomas
Photo of Todd Maxwell
Todd Maxwell
Photo of Troy Punk
Troy Punk

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