COLT Vault Classics, Volume 3 - Windows

Photo of COLT Vault Classics, Volume 3 - Windows
Photo of COLT Vault Classics, Volume 3 - Windows

WINDOWS - Josh Dempsey arranges for his new maintenance man Mark Bradshaw to come to the house early in the morning to start on the windows. Josh sleeps in the nude, and as he awakens the next morning he is very aroused, probably thinking about the new sexy maintenance man. Like most men, Josh is hard as a rock in the morning and its perfectly natural to start the day with a relaxing stroke. As Mark arrives to start washing the windows, he is treated to a full view of Josh giving himself the ultimate pleasure. Unaware, Josh gives his maintenance man quite a show. Getting so turned on by what he saw, Mark turns his attention to his own bulging hard cock. Josh then notices the hunky worker outside his window. Josh decides to pop in a sexy man-on-man video and leave the room before Mark notices he's been seen. As mark turns his attention back to his window work, he sees a hot video on the screen and the side door open. Mark can't resist and he takes the bait. Finding his way into the room, Mark watches the action on the screen as he indulges in a feisty morning stroke, unaware that now he is being watched. Josh finds the voyeur ⁄exhibition game such a turn on he gives himself second morning stroke.

Categories: Ass Play, Big Dick, Jerking Off, Muscle, Solo, Vault, Voyeur/Exhibitionism
Details: Aug 13, 2016 24 min
Photo of Josh Dempsey
Josh Dempsey
Photo of Mark Bradshaw
Mark Bradshaw

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