Paradise Found Scene 1

Photo of Paradise Found Scene 1
Photo of Paradise Found Scene 1

We come to the island to find a tanned and sexy resort assistant (Tory Mason) hiking up to a serene post overlooking the resort’s secluded and peaceful surroundings. When he reaches his destination he looks back and is inspired by the natural beauty all around him. Realizing he is alone in nature he frees himself from the little clothes he was wearing so that he can truly become one with his natural surroundings. The warm sun on his naked body feels wonderful and looks even better. Feeling the abandon of his nakedness our young island dweller begins to explore his own body with his hands. His soft skin soaks up the sun as his huge cock begins to sprout up and stand erect in tandem the hard wooden tree trunk that stands behind him. With each stroke his sunlit cock glistens and grows and soon this young Adonis finds his entire body craving attention. Looking down lustfully at his sprung cock, his hands begin to lovingly explore his round and tender ass. He turns around and leans forward against the thick tree trunk before him so that he can give his bubble ass the full adoration it desires. His body writhes as he gives into his own pleasure. With a slow and steady rhythm he lovingly strokes his meaty cock while his smooth ass gyrates in the air exposing his hot boy-hole to the glorious light of day. His fingers gently explore the opening of his round and tight ass.

As his passions mount he once again turns around to focus all of his attention on that hefty cock which is now visibly pulsing, yearning to release all of its juices. His body tenses as his meaty balls are churned slowly and deliberately and each stroke brings him closer and closer to the tipping point. Waves of pleasure wash over his erupting body as his hard and throbbing prick gushes out with a stream of cum that seems to set his entire body free. With each spasm of release our young stud collapses back against the tree that has been the lucky prop throughout this hot session of self pleasure.

Categories: Boys, Outdoors, Solo
Details: Jul 1, 2014 9 min
Photo of Tory Mason
Tory Mason

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