Relief Scene 2

Photo of Relief Scene 2
Photo of Relief Scene 2

While visiting Northern California, sexy blonde muscle hunk Alex Chambers makes sure to get plenty of time in the hot California sun. With the warm sun on his near naked body Alex shows off a hefty piece of uncut meat through his COLT Basics Mesh Briefs.

Flexing and stretching he explores his chiseled muscular body. Feeling a stirring down below Alex pulls out his big meaty uncut cock and gives it a good hard tug which really gets his juices flowing (and yours!). Stripping naked he turns around and gives us an up-close view of his perfect round ass. Bending over and spreading those muscled mounds apart he gives us a very close and inviting look at his tight man hole.

Playfully Alex waives his thick tool right in front of your face as the camera gets in close. Stroking his big thick cock and playing with his juicy foreskin Alex works up a glistening stream of pre-cum. With his cock steadily flowing his man juice he jacks his meat harder with every stroke. Feeling a wave of pleasure coursing through his body Alex unleashes a gushing stream of white cum. Draining his aching balls of every last drop Alex collapses back in his chair and enjoys the sweet RELIEF.

Categories: Big Dick, Jerking Off, Men, Outdoors, Posing/Flexing, Solo, Underwear/Bathing Suit
Details: Jul 1, 2014 14 min
Photo of Alex Chambers
Alex Chambers

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