Paradise Found Scene 3

Photo of Paradise Found Scene 3
Photo of Paradise Found Scene 3

Sitting on the beach with his face still buried in that ridiculously large book you’ll wonder just what it will take for this guy to relax and have some fun. Just as that thought crosses your mind, something in the water catches Zack’s eye, something a lot better than anything that in that stuffy book.

Slowly, from the shallow waters of a nearby reef emerges a sun-soaked, speedo-sporting Dean Phoenix. Zack squints in disbelief, he isn’t sure if what he is seeing before him a mortal man or a Greek God of the Ocean Deep emerging from the simmering waters. Dean notices his admirer and confidently returns a steady gaze and a warm smile. Zack then realizes that this stud is heading straight for him. That vacant beach blanket nearby must belong to this dripping wet hunk from the sea. What luck that Mr. Chandler selected such a great spot on the beach!

“Whatcha readin” Dean asks with a wink. Dean gives Zack some gentle ribbing for ‘working’ at the beach. “Vacations are supposed to be fun” he says. Zack is a little shy but with a charmer like Dean the conversation comes easy. Turns out they are both from L.A. (what luck!) and Dean isn’t just some beach combing hunk, he’s also a doctor (what luck!). As a podiatrist, Dr. Phoenix takes a liking to Zack’s feet and a relaxing foot massage seems to do the trick for Zack. That pesky book doesn’t hit the sand just yet so Dr. Phoenix takes the foot work to the next level. Zack is transfixed as he watches Dr. Phoenix lovingly give his feet a tongue bath along with the massaging action of his strong hands.

With Zack now in a much more relaxed state Dr. Phoenix makes his move and crawls up on top of Zack to get a taste of those eager lips. Both men loose themselves as gentle kissing turns into a passionate lip-lock. Zack rises up to meet Dean’s open mouth with each sloppy kiss. Dean’s arousal is obvious in that tight and bulging bathing suit. Zack notices this incredible package and after some hands-on stroking he releases that monster from its tight confines. A meaty cock springs out, fully engorged and ready for Zack’s greedy hands and mouth to milk it. As hot as Dr. Phoenix looks in his suit he looks even better without it. That prize winning dick deserves all the cock worshipping attention that Zack gives it. The sun loves every inch of Dean’s body and the camera captures every angle like an expert cock enthusiast. Settle in for one long and hot session of head giving body worship.

You’ll have a hard time remembering the Zack who couldn’t seem to relax on his vacation. The Zack we see now is completely abandoning himself to an all out sexual release as he hunkers down on Dr. Dean’s meat-pole for a long and wild dick-ride. Dr. Dean lets Zack take a good long ride but soon he wants to be in the drivers seat to drive his meat home. Turning Zack onto his back, Dr. Dean mounts up on top and drives that cock deep inside Zack’s wide open ass, deeper and harder with every thrust. Zack beats his own meat to the rhythm of Dean’s powerful dick pounding. These guys are locked in as the fucking continues to build to a climactic explosion of both their loads. As we leave them languishing in their left over cock juices we get the feeling that these two guys will soon be going for round two…..round three….and beyond!

Categories: Anal, Boys, Cowboy, Men, Oral
Details: Jul 1, 2014 29 min
Photo of Dean Phoenix
Dean Phoenix
Photo of Zack Randall
Zack Randall

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