Massive Scene 2

Photo of Massive Scene 2
Photo of Massive Scene 2

A hot sunny day, an inviting pool and two of the thickest, meatiest men you will find anywhere. From the very first frame, your video screen will filled with wall to wall muscle. Skye Woods and Mickey Gunz spend a hot and sunny day tossing the football in the cool waters of a luxurious pool. Their wet muscles emerge from the water and shine like gold in the blazing sun. Each man is a sculpture of godlike proportions.

Some horse play in the pool leads to more serious play pool side. Mickey is the first to ditch his bathing suit as he offers his hard body and sprung cock for Skye to enjoy. Skye enjoys the full length and girth of Mickey’s thick cock in deep throated gulps, slurping on his wet tool. The camera brings you in close for a magnificent view of solid ass, big churning balls, and thick glistening cock as Skye greedily devours every inch of shaft. Mickey dives his dick deep into his open mouth as he mounts himself on top of Skye in a man-on-man 69. Mickey swallows that man-pole while his own cock is lodged deep in Skye’s throat. Skye’s hands caress and explore Mickey’s perfect ass. Muscles are bathed in sunlight as Mickey sits atop Skye's face, flexing as Skye worships him from below with adoring hands and probing tongue. His ass likes all the attention as Skye continues to explore the thick, muscled ass with his tongue.

Mickey pumps his cock like a hammer in his fist. His spike juts forth as he pounds away on the thick, sturdy shaft. He stands like gladiator, naked in the hot sun as his hard body shoots out a heavy load of his manhood. His cock ejects MASSIVE amounts of thick liquid cum, bathing Skye in a showering hot stream. As the shower subsides, Skye reaches up and slowly strokes the thick meaty shaft, draining every last drop.

Cum soaked, Skye’s MASSIVE body lies below his throbbing cock while Mickey manhandles his hard pecs. Skye heaves forward as his cock erupts. He lets out a deep growl of a groan as his body is washed with his own cum. With a smile, Skye looks up at his buddy with a look of complete satisfaction.

Categories: Anal, Ass Play, Men, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors
Details: Jul 1, 2014 19 min
Photo of Mickey Gunz
Mickey Gunz
Photo of Skye Woods
Skye Woods

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