WINDOWS - Ray Dragon

Photo of WINDOWS - Ray Dragon
Photo of WINDOWS - Ray Dragon

THE POWER OF SUGGESTION - As Ray Dragon gets home from a hard workout, he checks his voicemail as he strips off his sweaty clothes. The last message is a ranchy messages from one of his fuckbuds. Ray listens again and he can’t help but get totally turned on by the hot message. Turnign to full length mirror, Ray takes his hard cock in hand and undulges in a some slow sexy stroking as he checks out his muscled body. His throbbing big cock, his tight round ass, Ray's body is a turn on for anyone. Settling into a comfortable chair Ray gives in to the pleasure and imagines the sexy times his buddy promised him in his message as he strokes his cock to a milky finish.

Categories: Ass Play, Jerking Off, Men, Muscle, Solo
Details: Dec 15, 2014 18 min
Photo of Ray Dragon
Ray Dragon

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