Inside Out Scene 3

Photo of Inside Out Scene 3
Photo of Inside Out Scene 3

A mild afternoon, in the cool shade of the trees, COLT Man Mitch Branson and COLT Men Eric Valentin lay naked, side by side. Drawing close to each other the soothing restful state gives way to passionate and intimate kissing. Mitch brings his cock to Eric’s open, gapping mouth, and feeds him his cock like a hungry animal. Back and forth these guys feed each other rock hard mouthfuls of meaty cock, teasing and edging each other to the limit. The mutual play escalates and the need to fuck takes over. Grabbing a hold of one of the many posts Eric climbs and takes a ride on Mitch’s hard pole. In another eye popping flip⁄flop, Eric and Mitch switch positions, and the hard, all out power fucking continues without missing a beat. Mitch holds on tight as he takes the full on assault from Eric’s pounding. In a furious fist pumping stroke, Eric beats a hot and heavy load all over Mitch’s pummeled ass. Mounted up on top of Eric, Mitch pumps and strokes, getting plenty of inspiration as a thick gushing load ejects from his squirting cock.

Categories: Anal, Flip/Flop, Hairy, Men, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 27 min
Photo of Eric Valentin
Eric Valentin
Photo of Mitch Branson
Mitch Branson

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