Muscleheads Scene 1

Photo of Muscleheads Scene 1
Photo of Muscleheads Scene 1

A dashing and debonair Adam Champ arrives home in style, pulling into the driveway in his Mercedes Benz convertible and dressed in a 3 piece suit. He is home from work early and has a little ‘Afternoon Delight’ on his mind. As he enters the house he finds he’s not the only one who’s a little hot and bothered. House guest⁄fuck buddy Vince Ferelli is there, relaxing in his robe and flipping through a copy of the COLT 40 book. His eyes pop and his bulge grows hard as he leafs through page after page of COLT Man his-tory. Adam’s early arrival home is a welcomed surprise as he leans in to plant a long and sensuous kiss on Vince’s eager lips. Opening Vince’s robe reveals a hard and toned body, ready for some loving attention. Adam is helped out of his suit as Vince licks, strokes and sucks him to a state of full arousal.

A hot and passionate afternoon is spent slowly exploring every inch of each other’s hard bodies, indulging in their desires for each other and stroking and swallowing each other’s hard, swollen cocks. Like Greek Gods their perfectly sculpted bodies lock together as Adam’s throbbing manhood penetrates Vince and an intoxicating fuck rhythm builds in intensity. A tantric vibe emanates until pulsing streams of cum explode, draining every last satisfying drop.

Categories: Anal, Business Suit, Hairy, Men, Muscle, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 21 min
Photo of Adam Champ
Adam Champ
Photo of Vince Ferelli
Vince Ferelli

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